“Impulse” Dance Platform Preview

There have been some murmurs about a “pressure-sensitive” dance pad being developed, but there had been very few details floating around. That is until the prototype was unveiled and demonstrated at UKSRT8 for a small tournament called the “Hardware Bullshit Tournament” (HBT), which was performed on the newly developed dance pad named “Impulse” created by Brittany Barrett. Alan James (TaroNuke) had been working on a game that was being made for the new dance pad which had showed off some cool new features such as “lift” notes and some sort of note that judges based on how much pressure is being placed on the corresponding panel. A 4-panel version was demoed at UKSRT8, but the dance pad is actually a 9-panel platform in its complete form.

Check the video below for a visual demonstration of the 4-panel version of “Impulse” dance pad playing HBT.

The 9-panel version of the platform showed up at the most recent (and final) Bearpocalypse tournament. Although the main tournament was 4-panel only, a few demonstrations of 9-panel happened during the course of the livestream. These pressure-sensitive panels are adjustable with software, where inputting certain values will determine how much pressure is necessary to activate a panel’s sensors. Each individual panel can be adjusted to suit any player’s needs.

The videos below demonstrate how well the “Impulse” dance pad performs in 4-panel mode.

See the full dance pad being played on full 9-panel mode.

This dance pad is still under development and not yet available. Be sure to follow Brittany’s YouTube channel for updates on the development of Impulse.

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