KONAMI has posted a notice on their amusement site regarding the spread of leaked contents and data of their arcade games circulating throughout social media sites.

DeepL Translation

[ Important ] Data Analysis and Handling of Information of Konami Amusement Products
Thank you very much for playing the products of Konami Amusement Co.

In order to deliver the fun and enjoyment of Konami Amusement products to our users, we are constantly creating and operating our products.
Also, by having users play our products, we are able to deliver even more new products to our users.

However, it has been confirmed that some of our products have been uploaded to the Internet with their data analyzed by illegal means.
Please do not duplicate the analyzed data of our products, upload it to the Internet, or download it, as this is a violation of copyright law and will hinder the production of new products in the future. Please note that legal action may be taken if such an act is discovered.

In addition, through the analysis of the data of our products, we have confirmed that the contents of the measures as various elements in the game and the timing of their release are circulating on social networking sites. Since these contents are something that many users are looking forward to, and we want users to enjoy the game to the fullest at the appropriate time as a product of Konami Amusement, please do not post or spread this information.

We will take measures against analysis, and will take legal action or account suspension against malicious users.

Thank you for your cooperation.

KONAMI Amusement