New Version Announcement – DanceDanceRevolution A3

KONAMI has announced a new version of DanceDanceRevolution titled “DanceDanceRevolution A3” that will be arriving as an online update to DDR 20th anniversary gold cabinets on March 17, 2022.

More details to come.

First look at DDR A3 with the title screen.
New default song list in DDR A3.
You are now able to switch between Single and Double play during your set.

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“DDR WORLD” releases on June 12, 2024 @ 9:00 JST. This version is an OTA update and may take some time to download and install on arcade machines.

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NEW Skill Point System in “DDR WORLD”

KONAMI revealed a new skill point system as part of the upcoming new version of DanceDanceRevolution, “DDR WORLD,” similar to skill point systems in other BEMANI games. Flare Skill info

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[DDR WORLD] New Licenses and 25th Anniversary Songs

KONAMI has released a new teaser page for the DDR WORLD initial release songs. This includes 9 new licenses, one revival license, and 5 new original songs selected from the […]

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