The world best score on Over The “Period” Single Player CHALLENGE, one of the six level 19 difficulty songs in DDR, that was previously held by FEFEMZ in 2018 while DDR A was the current version with a 994,320, 9 Greats Full Great Combo, has been beaten by HIBIKI on June 17, 2020, with a 995,000, 3 Greats 1 Miss (plus 1 missed freeze). Level 19 in DDR is the highest level difficulty rating in the game. Over The “Period” was released in DDR 2014 as an ENCORE EXTRA STAGE song of the 2nd phase of the Replicant D-Ignition event.

Watch the world record run by HIBIKI on Over The “Period” Single Player CHALLENGE below:

Previous world record score of 994,320 by FEFEMZ