[Podcast] TAP #52: Club Fantastic – Season 1

We’re back with a new episode to discuss our new project Club Fantastic: Synthetic Dance 2020. Hear all about the conception, philosophy, and production of Season 1.

Club Fantastic Season 1 is a compilation of 14 original tracks for StepMania, with full singles charts for players of all levels, as well as doubles charts. All music and art is originally produced for this project, legally unencumbered and free to play and stream. Download the pack, or the all-in-one StepMania installer with built-in theme (based on Simply Love) and new custom noteskins: clubfantastic.dance/

Watch the trailer: www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyZcfuvX12o

Episode featuring Dylan James: twitter.com/dylnjs

Intro & Outro music: “Can’t You Bounce!?” by team BOUNCE

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