The 8th KONAMI Arcade Championship is coming up very soon! Finals begin on Saturday 1/26/2019, and DDR A finals begin on Sunday 1/27/2019 @ 1:45 JST taking place on the Blue Stage at JAEPO 2019

Six finalists will participate in the finals:

  • O4MA. (East Japan Area Finals Winner)
  • YUDAI (West Japan Area Finals Winner)
  • 513 (Asia Preliminaries #1 Rank)
  • FEFEMZ (Korea Preliminaries #1 Rank)
  • FUNGAH (North America Preliminaries #2 Rank)
  • CHRS4LFE (World #1 Rank, North America Preliminaries #1 Rank)

Similar to the East and West Japan Area Finals, the match rules state that each player will choose a song to play during their match, and the winner is decided by whomever has the higher total EX score. In the case of a tie, the player with the highest Marvelous count is declared the winner. Players may not choose the same song as their opponent and cannot repeat a song choice they have previously used. The biggest change will be that the finals will be played on the brand new DDR 20th anniversary model cabinet.

Five of the six finalists will be randomly placed into a versus style bracket, with the world #1 seed, CHRS4LFE, in a bracket where the winner will advance straight to the grand finals match.

Finals information has been posted on the KAC website, which also features introductions by the finalists. O4MA and YUDAI both have an introduction video while the rest of the finalists are given a short blurb. Here’s what they have to say:





なんかライバルたち強すぎるだろう (ll゚д゚ll)


軍隊に行く予定が延期となり、また参加できることとなりました ww
優勝にはこだわらず、可能な限り最善を尽くします!! Yeahy~~




The 8th KACのDDR決勝大会に北米プレーヤーの代表として出場できることを光栄に思います。戦いは厳しいでしょう。しかし私は勝つためにベストを尽くします!