The latest BENAMA Livestream (11/26) presented by DOLCE. and Yuki Nakashima announced the start of The 9th KONAMI Arcade Championship, including the opening of the main website, details of entry, schedule, and qualifier songs for all the participating games along with the new 9th KAC song, ランカーキラーガール (Ranker Killer Girl) by 中島由貴 × いちか.

Watch the livestream and hear the new KAC song below.

Finals for The 9th KAC will be a multi-day event spanning five days. JAEPO 2020 will host the finals for beatmania IIDX, SOUND VOLTEX, and DanceDanceRevolution, held on 2/8/2020. All other games will be hosted at another location in Tokyo, speculated to be the new KONAMI esports school in Ginza.

  • 2/1 for DANCERUSH STARDOM, pop’n music, and GITADORA (DrumMania).
  • 2/2 for jubeat, Nostalgia, and GITADORA (GuitarFreaks).
  • 2/8 for beatmania IIDX, DDR, and SOUND VOLTEX.
  • 2/23 and 2/24 for Non-BEMANI games.

More details can be found on The 9th KAC website and on the DDR A20 KAC entry page.