DanceDanceRevolution PC Installation and Walkthrough

Now that KONAMI has begun work on a proper arcade-like home version of DanceDanceRevolution similar to beatmania IIDX INFINITAS and SOUND VOLTEX III eAcloud, I want to write out a quick guide on how to get DanceDanceRevolution PC set up and what the game offers. Unlike DDR V, the first KONAMI Amusement Game Station (Konasute) version of DDR that was in open alpha and only ran as an HTML5 browser game, DanceDanceRevolution PC requires downloading an installer just like the other eAcloud BEMANI games.

As of publishing this guide, DDR PC is running its second open alpha test from 8/24/2021 through 9/6/2021.

To get started, check out the main page for DDR PC. Review the system requirements page to make sure that your system can run the game.


Head over to the download page to get the installer. You may need to login with your KONAMI account if you are not already logged in. Click the banner to download the installer.

Launch the installer. Please note that the text will be in Japanese, but the installation is very straightforward. Click Next until the installation is finished.

Opening the application will launch a web page where you will need to login with your KONAMI account if you haven’t already. The page will show your KONAMI ID and the e-amusement pass associated with your account. Click the big button to open the launcher.

The DDR launcher will show up and you may be prompted to update your game data. Proceed with the update, and close the updater when it is done.

The settings button will show a couple of options you can set. The first line is setting which display the game will show up on, and the second line is choosing whether to run the game in Windowed (left) or Full Screen (right) mode.

When you’re ready to play, hit GAME START.


When DDR PC has finished loading, you’ll be met with some familiar logo screens and then the main menu.

The CONFIG menu will bring you to some options that you can set. You may remap some of your key binds for your KEYBOARD or your GAMEPAD if you choose to use one. TIMING settings can adjust your DISPLAY offset (top) and your AUDIO offset (bottom) to help compensate for lag. The OTHER setting allows you to set your master volume of the game.

TUTORIAL mode is exactly like how it is in the arcade version.

Hit GAME START to begin playing DDR.

Select which mode to play (only Single mode is available in the alpha). Next screen shows the selection of Premium Play and Normal Play just like in the arcade, with the addition of Free Play where you can play as many songs as you like.

The playable song list includes 14 songs for regular play, and Splash Gold as the EXTRA STAGE/EXTRA EXCLUSIVE song.

  • Hyper Bomb
  • In the past
  • Splash Gold
  • Helios
  • 宇宙(ソラ)への片道切符
  • Astrogazer
  • exotic ethnic
  • xenon
  • exotic ethnic

All mods and options are exactly like what you would see in the arcade version of DDR. Options like Screen Filter, Noteskin and Fast/Slow are not yet available, but may be a web-only setting later on. You can hold down Enter or press O to open the options menu. After you start a song, the keys A and D allow you to decrease or increase the speed mod, Enter is used to toggle the Sudden+ lane, and W and S is used to raise or lower the lane cover. The default arrow keys as well as Z,X,C,V on the keyboard are mapped to the arrows in game.

That’s it! Go ahead and give the DDR PC open alpha a try while you have a chance. The installation steps may be similar enough for the eventual full release, but everything else will likely be subject to change.

Don’t forget to fill out the questionnaire to provide feedback about the game.

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