KONAMI’s special episode of the BENAMA livestream features “The 7th KONAMI Arcade Championship” and makes several announcements regarding the 7th KAC, current standings, second round preliminaries, and most importantly, new songs in DanceDanceRevolution A.

Skip to 36:05 for DDR A:


New Hinabita Christmas song (coming 12/21):

  • 「ルミナスデイズ」(ここなつ)

Three new licenses, one song from Kemono Friends and Girls’ Last Tour anime, and an original song by mafumafu (coming 12/21, Japan/Korea/Asia only):

Three Tokimeki Idol songs (coming 12/28):

KAC Japan standings and Group B revealed:

  • Pluto Relinquish [2MB]
  • Reach The Sky, Without you [nc ft.NRGFactory]
  • Come to Life [ARM (IOSYS) feat. Nicole Curry]