DDR A Major Update Roundup: KAC Group B, Tokimeki Idol, Kemono Friends, Christmas Coconatsu… and more!

KONAMI’s special episode of the BENAMA livestream features “The 7th KONAMI Arcade Championship” and makes several announcements regarding the 7th KAC, current standings, second round preliminaries, and most importantly, new songs in DanceDanceRevolution A. Skip to 36:05 for DDR A: Highlights New Hinabita Christmas song (coming 12/21): 「ルミナスデイズ」(ここなつ) 【ここなつクリスマス】楽曲「ルミナスデイズ」がいよいよ12/21(木)よりBEMANIシリーズにて順次遊べるようになります!ここなつと一緒にクリスマスを楽しんでくださいね♪ https://t.co/QSilYpboIq