The DDR A3 Scoring Difficulty Tier List powered by Skill Attack, showcases songs and charts’ comparative difficulties to one another within the same difficulty level. Songs with a certain level are broken down into different tiers, marked from X.00 to X.99 (X.0 to X.9 for Level 19). The higher the song is in a tier, the harder it is to score on. Score data is taken from Skill Attack, an online DDR score tracker. Using various formulas and thresholds, each song is given a value (called an SA value) to determine its overall scoring difficulty. Building off the A20 and A20 PLUS lists, the A3 lists has brand new features. A differential counter is now used to show the change in a song’s SA value compared to the previous list. Most importantly, a percentage skew has been added to newer songs’ score counts to prevent recency bias, which has historically shown to place newer songs lower than usual in their tier lists.