Building off from the DDR A Difficulty Tier List, the DDR A20 PLUS Scoring Difficulty Ranking List maintains the idea that some songs within a difficulty level are easier or more difficult than others within the same level. Unlike the previous lists, the new revised lists for DDR A20 PLUS takes a different approach to appropriately ranking each song within a difficulty range by its difficulty to attain a score within a certain threshold. Score data for each song in a difficulty level is used to assign a difficulty score for each song, and is sorted and ranked by its resulting score and separated into tiers between difficulty level X.0 and X.9 based on gaps and trends between scores. The data is taken from user-submitted scores on Skill Attack, a DDR score tracker. Thresholds used to determine the song difficulty score is based on its difficulty level. This method takes out the element of player bias and is solely based on data.