This is a list of all Single Play Level 18 songs in DDR A20 PLUS ranked by scoring difficulty. Each song and chart is scored by a formula using player-submitted data from Skill Attack and ranked accordingly. The individual difficulty level is broken down into sub-difficulties ranging between 18.0 to 18.9 from least to most difficult respectively. Click on the song jacket for a YouTube video of its chart.

Click the graphic for a summary of the entire difficulty list:

(rev. 2021-03-02)

Skill Attack SP Lv.18 score formula:

SA = 1 – [ ( p+a+b ) / t ]

p = # of Perfect Full Combos (PFC’s) & up
a = # of AAA’s (990k) & up
b = # of AA+’s (950k) & up
t = total Skill Attack score entries


⚡️ = Shock Arrow chart
🔒 = Unlockable content


Single Play

Double Play