Arcade Odyssey DDR Spring Jamm+ 2019 Singles Tournament


May 09 2019


7:00 pm - 11:30 pm



Arcade Odyssey DDR Spring Jamm+ 2019 Singles Tournament


Tournament Organizer:
• Josef Ricardo |

Entry Fees:
• Venue Fee: $5.00 (For all registrants)
• Tournament Fee: $5.00 (For Top 32 participants)

Event Details:
*Event Date: Thursday, May 9
*Registration: 7 PM – 7:45 PM
*Tournament Start: 8 PM
*Tournament Estimated End: 11:30 PM

Venue Details:
Arcade Odyssey
12045 SW 117th Ave, Miami, FL 33186
(305) 253-2722


*Bracket Format:
• See the sample brackets for a Top 8, Top 16, or Top 32 tournament.

Qualifier Set:
• Spin the Disc (Heavy)
• B4U (B4 ZA BEAT MIX) (Heavy)

• One of these two Level-10 songs (Spin the Disc [Heavy] or B4U (B4 ZA BEAT MIX) [Heavy]) will be determined during the registration time block.
• Seeding is determined by EX Score.
• Players get at least one warm up song before performing the selected song during the registration time block.
• The cutoff for qualifiers will be the top 32 participants.

Tournament Format:
• The machine during the tournament event will be in event mode with EX scoring.
• Winner of a song is determined by the higher EX Score.
• During the tournament, all default and unlockable songs are allowed.

Song Modifiers:
• Freeze Arrow will be set to ON.
• Solo/Flat can only be used if BOTH players agree to it.
• Step chart difficulty is determined by the card draw.

*Tiebreaker Round(s):
• If a match outcome ends in a tie, a single-card draw will determine the song of the match. Higher seed (or from winner’s side) gets side preference. If the tiebreaker song results in a tie, then another tiebreaker song will be dealt. This process is repeated until there is no longer a tie.

Tournament Card Draw:
• Preferences Options (listed in order of operations):
– 1st Veto
– 2nd Veto
– Side Preference
• Players alternate selecting preference options, with the player with the higher seed or coming from the winner’s side selecting his or her preference option first.

Song Selection for a Match:
• Best-of-three (one):
– Five (three) cards will be randomly drawn, and the list of drawn songs will be shown to both players. Each player will veto a song from the list of drawn songs. The remaining song(s) will be played from top to bottom.

Miscellaneous Rules/Comments:
• Estimated start times of select rounds will be posted. PLEASE stay updated with the tournament bracket to know when you are needed for your match. For the best-of-one matches, be on deck if your match is next. There will be a 2-minute wait time for a player to report to the machine. If a player is not present within that time frame, the match will be played after the remaining matches in the round are completed. Repeat offenses will result in a loss/disqualification from the tournament.

• If you suspect there might be a malfunctioning arrow, play through the entire song. Stopping in the middle of a song due to misses is unacceptable and will definitively result in a loss of the song. The tournament organizer will adjust the score and/or test the pad (if justified and necessary). Continual unjustified complaints throughout the set will result in an automatic loss of the match.

• Please keep in mind the use of excessive heavy stomping. This damages the pads and thus hinders the tournament. The AO staff works hard at keeping their pads in good working condition and do final maintenance prior to the tournament.

• For any issues during the tournament, the tournament organizer will have final say.

*Subject to change to due to time constraints or unexpected circumstances.

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The event is finished.