Jun 08 2019


5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Oakville Evolved

Oakville Evolved will be the first Dance Dance Revolution A tournament to be held in Canada.
Features of the event include:
-Singles Division
-Single elimination
-Best of 5
-Online Qualifiers
-Entry fee of $15
-Spectator fee of $5.
-All proceeds will go towards funding of event, event is non profit.
Online qualifying set: Can’t Stop Fallin in Love Speedy Mix (Expert 12) Beautiful Receipt (Expert 13) Electronic Dance System Music (Expert 14)
Send your set scores to “”
When Sending your scores be sure that you include “your player name, money score as well as EX score must be visible”
(NOTE Online qualifying set is to determine bracket placement and is not needed for entry)
Time: 12pm-6pm

The event is finished.