There is a time (or many times) in a DDR player’s life when they will start looking into finding a new pair of shoes that will help them do better at DDR. My New Balance MX20v3s that I got in 2014 have taken a huge beating since then, so it was time to search again for something new. Some fellow DDR peers of mine picked up the Nike Flex Experience 5 RN and have been giving it nothing but praise. I haven’t worn a Nike shoe since the Nike Free Trainer 7.0 v2 from around 2006. I was always looking at brands like Puma and New Balance at the time since they had worked so well for me, but I thought I would give Nike a chance again.

Nike Flex Experience RN 5

Once the shoes came in, I gave them a test drive and my first impressions in the first video below. After wearing and playing in them for about a month, it gave me a better idea of how I felt about the shoes and how well they performed for DDR. Every session puts them to the test, playing charts ranging from simple and straightforward to requiring complex and twisting movement. I further elaborate my thoughts and conclusions about the shoes in the second video below, so you can find out if the Nike Flex is the right shoe for you.

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