This was a joy to put together and record. We interviewed Brad Holmes of Konami/Bemani fame for our podcast and we could not be any happier with how it turned out. If you have about an hour, please give it a listen. It’s likely the most work I’ve put into a podcast video to date.

The sponsored audio version is here (but watch the video for the full experience):—BRAD-HOLMES-INTERVIEW—08312019-e58qv7

– Xybur of the Georgia Music Gamers Podcast

In this incredibly special episode, we interview the prolific Brad Holmes of Konami music game fame! We learn about the production of the tunes he’s provided to Bemani games over the years, as well as some surprising information you can’t find anywhere else! His history might surprise you! (And yes, we talk about Crash! from DDR).

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Theme Song: Move on (Original mix) – François F.

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