[Podcast] TAP #31: Hack My Cab (ft. Sarah Kilpatrick)

Sarah Kilpatrick (@sarahwhatsup) joins Dalton, James and Omid this week to discuss everything that goes into dance game machine ownership! How do I find a machine to buy? How do I get Stepmania or ITG running on my machine? What’s the best monitor to buy? How do I make it look prettier? All these questions and more on this episode of The Arrow Panel!

Find out more at hackmycab.com

Share your scores with #TAPSetOfTheWeek:
– 華爛漫 -Flowers- (DDR SuperNOVA)
– Shiny World (DDR X2)
– Fire Fire (DDR X2)
Extra Stage: Dancer in the Flare (DDR A) [Suggested by @maxninja09]

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Intro/Outro music: “Watch It Burn” by @fraxtil

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