[Podcast] TAP #9 – Second Machine Heaven

The Arrow Panel returns from a brief hiatus, joined by their hosts James Magahern (@buzzert), Roger Clark (@rogerclark), and Jeff Lloyd (@fungah_) to discuss all things DDR, dance games, what’s going on in the scene today, and a bit of Q&A! This time, they are back with a full audio podcast made for easy listening.

In our new all-audio episode of The Arrow Panel, James, Jeff, Roger and producer-turned-cohost Dalton talk about the latest DDR news including a new shipment of DDR cabs, new Asia-only songs, and the ENDYMION challenge chart. Plus, we answer listener questions and give our song recommendations for our new segment: Set of the Week

Set of the Week songs:
Top the Charts (Challenge)
Dreamin’ (Challenge)
Cachaca (Expert)


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