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NEW WORLD RECORD by HIBIKI PARANOiA Revolution Challenge Lv.19

HIBIKI has taken the world record from CHRS4LFE on PARANOiA Revolution Single CHALLENGE Lv.19 on September 20, 2020.

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FIRST EVER DDR Level 18 MFC & All DDR SuperNOVA Expert MFC by iamchris4life

You have to see it to believe it. Three-time KAC finalist and 6th KAC DDR Champion “iamchris4life”(CHRS4LFE) has achieved not only the first ever Level 18 Marvelous Full Combo, but […]

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The First Ever Level 19 Perfect Full Combo

Chris Chike (@CHRS4LFE) has made history yet again for being the first player to achieve the first Perfect Full Combo on a Level 19 chart in DanceDanceRevolution A, EGOISM 440 […]

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DEAD END (“GROOVE RADAR” Special) First PFC Achieved 10 Years After Chart’s Debut

After 10 years since the release of Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA 2 where the chart for DEAD END (“GROOVE RADAR” Special) had debuted, Chris Chike (@CHRS4LFE) became the first person to […]

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