DDR A Tournament at Dave & Buster’s Irvine Results

http://ddrcommunity.com/event/ddr-a-tournament-at-dave-busters-irvine/ An impressive total of 50 entrants participated in the D&B Irvine DDR A tournament in Irvine, CA. Highlights CHRS4LFE and FUNGAH faced off in the winner’s finals of the tournament. CHRS4LFE won the match, sending FUNGAH into the loser’s bracket finals against NINJAFAR. FUNGAH took the match to gain

In The Groove World Cup 2017 Results

http://ddrcommunity.com/event/in-the-groove-world-cup-2017/ Precision hippaheikki _69 Ambrose Juha Bond Sereni Urza ZoG- Rems Shpadoinkle Pinguu Okami Tuuc Ksik Silke Foppish Blackrainer Renbrandt Kyy Nile Chikasole Snowball Ninyiuk Kits N!VVAN Lunaa’z Doubles hippaheikki _69 Sereni Tuuc ZoG- Gemi Urza Okami Renbrandt Shpadoinkle Juha Bond Snowball Endurance hippaheikki Rems _69 Urza ZoG- Okami Pinguu

DDR A Tournament @ Virginia Beach Results

http://ddrcommunity.com/event/ddr-a-tournament-va-beach/ Check the Rules & Qualifiers Follow the Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1248662955253094 Follow the bracket: http://challonge.com/DDRAVB DanceDanceRevolution A Brendino Rubio Kebble Daaanty 5. Andy457 5. Dat Boi 7. Jasper! 7. otylero 9. Error 9. Jboy 9. Sinner 9. v4extreme 13. Cowtal 13. John Desire 13. Scotty 13. Shockwave 17. Andres 17. ashitoki

DDR Summer Tournament at Round 1 San Jose – Livestream & Results

http://ddrcommunity.com/event/ddr-summer-tournament-at-round-1-san-jose/ Tournament rules can be found here. Bracket can be found here. Qualifier for the tournament is Hopeful – 柊木りお featured by SOTAG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lT-NDUSZ99k Livestream VOD and details below: Watch live video from SF_EVOLVED on www.twitch.tv Watch live video from SF_EVOLVED on www.twitch.tv DDR A Results: fungah iamchris4life Sappy MAPO 5. rogerclark