GO4THETOP 2nd Season Results

GO4THETOP 2nd Season is a DanceDanceRevolution A tournament that took place in South Korea on February 9, 2019. It was divided up into two divisions, Lower and Upper, where the difficulty level cap for Lower was 14 and the difficulty floor for Upper was 15. Players of each division were split up into four pools for “RO16”, top two winners of each pool advanced to “RO8” for a cumulative EX versus round, and continue until finals.

Qualifiers for Lower were PARANOiA EXPERT and FIRE EXPERT, and Upper were PARANOiA survivor EXPERT and Go For The Top EXPERT.

More information about the GO4THETOP series can be found here.

Watch the GO4THETOP 2nd Season tournament on YouTube

Lower Winner



Upper Winner 






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