Armored Princess Battle Conductor x BEMANI Collaboration Event

A collaborative event between Armored Princess Battle Conductor and BEMANI will take place from December 24, 2020 through January 22, 2021. Players will have a chance to unlock a song for their favorite BEMANI game: 「ここからよろしく大作戦143 / BEMANI Sound Team “あさき隊”」 Play Armored Princess Battle Conductor one time to unlock

[DDR A20 PLUS] EXTRA SAVIOR PLUS Autumn Banmeshi ♪ Furusato Grand Prix

【再投稿/EXTRA SAVIOR PLUS新規楽曲追加!】11月26日(木)10:00(JST)より「バンめし♪ ふるさとグランプリ」から秋を彩る新規楽曲が「EXTRA SAVIOR PLUS」に追加されます!ぜひプレーしてみてください!#DDRA20PLUS — DDRチーム【公式】 (@DDR_573) November 25, 2020 Four Autumn-themed Banmeshi ♪ Furusato Grand Prix songs will be available to be unlocked through EXTRA SAVIOR PLUS on DDR A20 PLUS. 「ハラショー!おにぎりサーカス団☆ / Blanc Bunny Bandit」 「イノセントバイブル / Vanitas Lacrimosa」 「ウソツキ横丁は雨模様 / 夜叉姫神楽」 「Red Cape Theorem


The 5th GOLDEN LEAGUE PLUS period will run from November 26, 2020 through December 9, 2020. Players that end the period with a Gold Rank will be rewarded with a new song, “Lightspeed” by Tanukichi. This event is only available to play on DDR 20th anniversary edition golden cabinets. Rampage Hero by DJ Shimamura will be available to play outside of the 20th anniversary models.