The 9th KAC East Japan Area Finals took place on 1/18/2020 at KONAMI’s Tokyo Midtown events venue. The event was unfortunately not livestreamed. A video production of the event will come at a later time.

EGOISM 440 EXPERT and ENDYMION EXPERT were selected as the songs to be played by all *East Japan Area finalists to determine who will move on to the finals at JAEPO 2020.

*REN.S gave their spot to the next qualified player, KITUNE.

O4MA. (BROSONI) takes 1st place over all other players with HO4-KETI taking 2nd. O4MA. will move on to the finals at JAEPO 2020.

Photo credit: Player “ZZZ”


  1. O4MA.
  2. HO4-KETI
  3. UN-LIM
  4. H.I.R.O
  5. MAMURU3
  7. ZZZ
  9. Moo-G.56
  10. DDR-KOJI
  11. KITUNE
  12. GIEZ-ACS
  13. momoken
  14. MENN
  15. COLCA
  16. DAVO
  17. L.E.G-D
  18. RIL