The 9th KAC West Japan Area Finals took place on 1/25/2020 at KONAMI’s Osaka venue. The event was unfortunately not livestreamed. A video production of the event will come at a later time.

Valkyrie dimension EXPERT and EGOISM 440 EXPERT were selected as the songs to be played by all West Japan Area finalists to determine who will move on to the finals at JAEPO 2020.

After the first round of playing Valkyrie dimension EXPERT and EGOISM 440 EXPERT, the final match came down to HIBIKI (3748 Total EX) vs Yoshimiz (3727 Total EX).

Highlight: HIBIKI gets a PFC on Valkyrie dimension EXPERT with 1959 EX.

Each player selects a song to play for the finals, and the player with the highest total cumulative EX is the winner. Yoshimiz picks ΔMAX CHALLENGE, and HIBIKI picks EGOISM 440 CHALLENGE.

With only a 3 EX difference between the players on ΔMAX CHALLENGE, HIBIKI closes it out with 2295 EX on EGOISM 440 CHALLENGE against Yoshimiz’s 2097 EX, allowing HIBIKI to become the 9th KAC West Japan area winner and will move on to the finals at JAEPO 2020.


  2. Yoshimiz
  4. NAYU
  5. YUDAI
  6. 48MAN
  7. DIS
  9. RE-ERA
  10. THE-BLUE
  11. OSINOB.H
  12. UN-RE
  13. HA-SSY