The most recent DDR A update relaxed the conditions for unlocking ACE FOR ACES, the Encore Extra Stage song after playing ENDYMION; ACE FOR ACES Basic can now be accessed by clearing ENDYMION Basic. Players have discovered that the Basic chart for ACE FOR ACES does not have any of the speed changes and stops that the Difficult chart has, something that has never been seen in any other version of DDR. This reveals two implications: that the BPM skeleton is no longer bound by the song, but to each individual chart; it opens up the possibility of a completely different BPM and stop pattern for ACE FOR ACES Expert, and for other songs in the future.

ACE FOR ACES Basic is currently a constant 200 BPM, while the Difficult chart is 100-800 BPM with stops.

A side-by-side comparison of the Basic and Difficult chart for ACE FOR ACES in StepMania 5 using split timing.