DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION ROUND1 頂上決戦 2019 With “Player X” Guest Appearance

Fourteen top qualified competitors from East and West Japan faced off in the Foot God’s Division of the DDR ROUND1 頂上決戦 2019 Championship in Osaka, Japan.

Eight groups that submitted their freestyle routines were invited to perform their routine at the competition. Each set of performers had their routines judged to determine the winner.

In the Foot God’s Division, players were selected in groups of four to play a set of songs selected by each of the participating players. Winner of a song receives 2 points, second place gets 1 point, the rest get 0 points. After all four songs are played, the player with the most points moves on to the finals, and the second place player moves on to the “Loser’s Revival” round where the winner of that round moves on to the finals.

In a surprise twist, the competition introduced a mysterious “Player X” who would be participating in the finals. That player ended up being the 6th KAC DDR Champion, iamchris4life.

The tournament was livestreamed on the ROUND1 千日前店 YouTube channel, where the VOD is available for viewing above.

All participants for each division in the ROUND1 頂上決戦 2019 Championship.

Winner of “Foot God’s Division”


Winner of “Performance Contest”


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