Eclipse 2023 Tournament Results

Eclipse 2023 was a multi-rhythm game tournament held during the weekend of December 8-10, 2023 at the Marriott Inner Harbor in Baltimore, MD.


Left to right: PRKrono, iamchris4life, dimo, PacRob; photo by UntoldExtacy

1.) iamchris4life
2.) PRKrono
3.) PacRob
4.) dimo

StepManiaX Wild

Left to right: JimboSMX, Spencer, Paranoia Boi, Grady

1.) Paranoia Boi
2.) Spencer
3.) Grady
4.) JimboSMX
5.) Watersalads
5.) JellySlosh
7.) Emcat
7.) M. Jameson

StepManiaX Women’s Upper

Left to right: emcat, domigame, Malia, Sh1nobee

1.) emcat
2.) domigame
3.) Sh1nobee
4.) Malia

StepManiaX Women’s Lower

Left to right: nine women, Sega__JEANAsis, CHOCCYMILK, M3ek0

2.) Sega__JEANAsis
3.) M3ek0
4.) nine women

StepManiaX Team Tournament

1.) ShinoBoi (Sh1nobee / ParanoiaBoi)
2.) Nike Air Max’s (Tink / Bedrock)
3.) Cat-er-salads (Emcat / Watersalads)
4.) Dino Nuggets (JellySlosh / Arual)

In The Groove

Left to right: Paranoia Boi, PacRob, dimo, TommyDoesntMiss

1.) dimo
2.) Paranoia Boi
3.) TommyDoesntMiss
4.) PacRob

In The Groove Women’s

1.) domigame
2.) Malia
3.) Emcat
4.) Sh1nobee

DanceRush Stardom Freestyle

Left to Right: Paranoia Boi, Eijiken, Henry Zhang, Cookie

1.) Eijiken
2.) Henry Zhang
3.) Paranoia Boi
4.) Cookie

Pump It Up Pheonix

Left to right: IMSORRY, HDS, mattmiller

1.) HDS
2.) mattmiller

Pump It Up Phoenix Women’s

1.) domigame
2.) Nessquick
3.) Sh1nobee


1.) NB1RS
2.) Strace
3.) Crafty The Fox

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