The note skin that players use usually comes down to personal preference. Ever since NOTE was brought in as a select-able option in DDR SuperNOVA, many players switched over to that skin because it can differentiate the quantization of notes by color better than RAINBOW and VIVID. But what if your note skin selection actually has the potential to improve your scores? A Japanese blog entry explains how the RAINBOW skin can actually differentiate swing notes (12th, 24th) with its color scheme better than NOTE can with all green on those same notes. Additionally, the blog claims that RAINBOW may assist with timing after a stop-and-go gimmick. The author of the blog conducts a series of tests to determine whether or not these claims hold true.

One thing to consider is that these tests were done on DDR(2014), and whether or not the note skin makes the same difference in timing in DDR A has yet to be seen, and it may be something worth exploring. Do you believe your selection of RAINBOW or NOTE arrows makes a difference?

Check out the blog post below.