Our first full episode is here and it’s a two-for-one special! We sat down to talk dance games and freestyle history with OG DDR freestyler, Takeover 1 tournament winner and FGC personality James Szeto (aka 001) as well as US Pump It Up ambassador and host of the upcoming United States Pump Festival Kevin Tan (aka Valius). A jam-packed show you won’t want to miss!

1:00 – Announcements
5:00 – Guest #1: 001
29:00 – Guest #2: Valius


Cyber Cypher #1…pher-beam

001 – “On the Jazz” [MGL Evil II]

001 – “Blue Impulse” [Freestyle Takeover 1]

Smidget on “Steve Harvey’s Big Time”

United States Pump Festival

NorCal World Order

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