Special guests 001 and Megumin join us in a jam-packed episode as we cover the arrival of DDR A20 in NorCal, recap our freestyle events at Fresno Frenzy 3 and FanimeCon 2019 and interview Watson about his music game background and his recent entry into the freestyle scene! We also answer some listener questions about the challenges & roadblocks newer DDR freestylers face as they turn away from the machine and face the audience for the first time.

02:40 – NIght in Motion/Infinity Stage
05:30 – DDR A20 impressions
16:50 – CEO/DDR Storm
23:00 – Freestyle tutorials
28:40 – MAGWest announcement
31:00 – Fresno Frenzy 3 thoughts
39:20 – FanimeCon thoughts
51:10 – Megumin interview
01:13:40 – Listener questions

Thanks to Attack the Music for our intro & outro:

Fanime freestyle playlist: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLu…fXBVRlVqwxIAeGVRJ

Fresno Frenzy 3 playlist: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLu…cplLUtpQsvaZSUplb

Registration now open for Infinity Stage at www.infinitystage.gg

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