[Podcast] The Freestyle Takeover Podcast: Episode 2


On episode (Try) 2 (Luv U) of the Freestyle Takeover podcast, we’re joined by special guest and United States Pump Festival 2018 Freestyle champion DaKree as well as Freestyle Takeover staffers Ryan and John making their illustrious debut! The packed house discusses DaKree’s background in dance, stirring up controversy overseas, and unapologetically being yourself. We also have results on our first Cypher Cypher tournament, the results from #USPF2018, and have some initial Dance Rush impressions! You can’t miss this episode!

Time Stamps:
2:45 fanime tournament
5:20 CC
20:00 USPF
25:50 DaKree interview
1:03:45 EXTRA STAGE – Dance Rush impressions

Liner notes!

Cyber Cypher #1 videos

Emu’s Rhythm Game Apparel and Accessories:

Caitlin’s Art Portfolio:

USPF 2018 videos

DaKree winning his high school talent show

Nakano – LOVE

DDR JP Freestyle Archive

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