“Tournament Philosophy: Structure and Theory” Panel at CEO 2019

Tournament organizer for In The Groove Customs tournament at Storm and host of the ECFA series, Kyle Dobay, ran a panel “Tournament Philosophy: Structure and Theory” hosted at CEO 2019. […]

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Inside The Panels of a DDR A20 Gold Cabinet

DDR-KOJI’s YouTube channel livestreamed a close look at the inside of a DDR A20 gold cabinet’s arrow panels as FIX-LILY performs some maintenance. You can see the materials he used […]

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“More Than I Needed To Know About Rhythm Games” Panel @ MAGFest 2016

Over the weekend at MAGFest 2016, I had the pleasure of attending the “More Than I Needed To Know About Rhythm Games” panel hosted by sherl0k, Anthony of Tokyo Attack, […]

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