ceo 2019


“Tournament Philosophy: Structure and Theory” Panel at CEO 2019

Tournament organizer for In The Groove Customs tournament at Storm and host of the ECFA series, Kyle Dobay, ran a panel “Tournament Philosophy: Structure and Theory” hosted at CEO 2019. […]

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Tournament Results

Storm 2019 at CEO Fighting Game Championships Results

DanceDanceRevolution A YARK | iamchris4life mmagdon ITGAlex Kevbo 5. Sappy5. Squid7. DVogan7. PacRob9. KAZE.5739. SPENCER9. T. Swag9. SF EVOLVED | dimo13. Grady13. Stretch13. ChunkaChunka13. EvilDave219 View the full bracket and […]

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Storm 2019 at CEO Fighting Game Championships

Excited to announce we’re bringing @tokyoattack to #CEO2019. Jebaileyland will now feature DANCERUSH STARDOM, Initial D ARCADE STAGE Zero, CHUNITHM, & an HD DanceDanceRevolution cabinet. Enjoy 24hr access to Jebaileyland […]

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