The 6th KAC DDR A Strategy Guide

This guide makes the assumption that you already know what the 6th KAC is and have registered for DDR A for your appropriate region. If you do not know what the 6th KAC is, go our post in the link below to learn about it.

The 6th KONAMI Arcade Championship

Now that you’re signed up to participate in the 6th KAC for DDR A, let’s take a look at what we need to deal with. To be in the rankings, you must play a total of 6 songs, three songs in two different groups: Group A and Group B.

When you are in the game, you will notice that the song select screen will show these two groups as folders. In order for your scores to be counted, they must be played from within these folders. After you play a song, you will notice that where you will normally see your traditional score, you will instead see its EX score value.

Group A and B shown in the song select screen. Scores will only be counted when played from within these folders.

Since scores are recorded by EX score, you may play each song on any difficulty you want. However, if you want to get the most EX points, you will generally want to play the chart with the higher note count. Let’s take a look at the maximum EX values that you can possibly get from each song.


EXPERT: 1782


EXPERT: 2238

EXPERT: 1884


EXPERT: 2049

New Century

EXPERT: 1971

Go For The Top

EXPERT: 1563

The general trend is that Challenge charts at the upper end of the game will have more difficult charts with a higher note count. However, notice that ΔMAX has a higher MAX EX score in its EXPERT chart than the CHALLENGE chart. This is because the EXPERT chart has many more Freeze arrows than the CHALLENGE chart, and getting an O.K. from holding down a Freeze arrow to completion is an automatic 3 EX points regardless of the judgment you get from hitting it. So to maximize the amount of EX points that you can get from the entire set, you will want to play each song on its maximum difficulty except for ΔMAX, which should be played on EXPERT. If you feel that you are able to score more EX points on the EXPERT charts than the CHALLENGE due to their jump in difficulty, then you should do that.

Videos have been linked to each of the above difficulties. Each video shows the chart for each of their respective difficulties with assist tick to help with some of those trouble spots.

Check Your Rankings

Find out where you stand among the other competitors for your region and overall. Check which songs need improvement so that you can go back to climbing up the rankings.

Official Rankings Page

All Regions Ranking Spreadsheet




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