Preliminaries are over and the results are in! So much has happened in one day as many players fought to increase their qualifying scores during the final hours of preliminaries for the chance to compete in The 6th KAC Finals. Not only did CHRS4LFE pull ahead of FUNGAH into 1st place on the last day, KAZE.573 managed to snatch the Wild Card spot from CHUNKA, making him the third North American player to qualify for the Finals. Congratulations to all the finalists!

Only the top two players from each region and one Wild Card are eligible to participate in The 6th KAC Finals. The Wild Card is the highest scoring overall player excluding the top two of each region.

North America
  • (1) CHRS4LFE (1st overall) – 12,192
  • (2) FUNGAH (2nd overall) – 12,186
  • (3) KAZE.573 (4th overall) – 12,126
  • (1) O4MA. (6th overall) – 12,123
  • (2) GAHOU (7th overall) – 12,105
  • (1) FEFEMZ (3rd overall) – 12,135
  • (2) 5 1 3 (10th overall) – 12,085