[EXTRA EXCLUSIVE] EXTRA Lv.2 “Pursuer”, ENDYMION Available For Normal Play, And More

DDR news translations of the @DDR_573 account are courtesy of @DDR_573_en 【DDR A/EXTRA EXCLUSIVE】 Cutting guitar mixes with EDM sounds to weave miraculous harmonies! 「Pursuer/Ryo Shirasawa(noisycroak)」 Playable in EXTRA Lv2 starting Thursday July 26 at 10 AM (JST). Please enjoy! 【DDR A/EXTRA EXCLUSIVE】エッジの効いたギターとEDMサウンドが織り成す奇跡のハーモニー!「Pursuer/白澤亮(noisycroak)」 7月26日(木)10時からEXTRA Lv2にて遊べます!是非お楽しみください!https://t.co/KIA0fAAWsN pic.twitter.com/VcOxo0sIfz — DDRチーム【公式】 (@DDR_573) July

[EXTRA SAVIOR] Chronos & 朧 Remixes Coming 7/19

Two new tracks will be added to DDR A EXTRA SAVIOR, Chronos (walk with you remix) and 朧 (dj TAKA Remix), on 7/19/2018 @ 10:00 JST. This update applies to all regions. 【DDR A/EXTRA SAVIORで楽曲追加!】あの名曲のREMIXが、堂々登場。「Chronos (walk with you remix)」「朧 (dj TAKA Remix)」 7月19日(木)10時より遊べます。お楽しみください。 https://t.co/5zIZraHOYG #DDR pic.twitter.com/IWGTeVgwuc — DDRチーム【公式】 (@DDR_573) July 17,

RhythmCore Pump It Up Tournament Results

http://ddrcommunity.com/event/rhythmcore-pump-it-up-tournament/ Results Freestyle Chelly & Paranoia Boi Phil Critical Fantasy Lower Tier Technical Division Chelly Sugarush Goku Requiem Higher Tier Technical Division HDSPIU Krispy Paranoia Boi Videos RhythmCore VODs on Twitch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-ikScN0BdE