Everyone Can Fantastic Attack 2021 (“ECFA 2021”) is an online competition event for StepMania 5, and the latest event in the ECFA Online series, a sister series to the East Coast FA invitational events. ECFA represents the premier online tech-oriented dance game event, and this year’s edition should be the biggest and best yet!

During an ECFA Online event, players are given a timeframe to play charts from a predetermined event pack and earn points primarily based on the number of Fantastics earned. Players must earn a minimum percentage of Fantastics to earn points for the chart. Players are allowed unlimited attempts to play any song in the pack, and may submit scores through Facebook posts, Discord posts, or DMing a staff member. Cumulative rankings are based on total number of points earned during the event. Players will be tested through a wide variety of stepcharts from the latest and greatest content available, several throwbacks, and perhaps some special surprises.

ECFA 2021 will begin February 1st, 2021, and will run through June 30th, 2021.

ECFA 2021 Full Rules & Player Guide

Check the full event page for all the details: https://ecfa.dance