Go For The Top: The Climb to The 6th KAC

The 6th Konami Arcade Championship preliminaries are in full swing and there is still plenty of time to enter! The final preliminary results will be determined on January 12th, 2017. But until then, competitors are ferociously fighting for the top qualifying spots for the opportunity to compete in the finals held at JAEPO in February. This is the very first KAC that allows the North America region to compete for the finals, and what better game for them to compete in than DDR?! DDR is currently the only BEMANI game to be officially licensed and released in North America with eAmusement support by KONAMI. Two competitors from each region (Japan/Asia/North America) and one wild card will be able to move on to the Finals for the chance to become the 6th KAC champion for DDR A.

Each competitor must play a set of three songs in two groups, A and B, to accumulate a total score for the rankings. As it stands right now (12/23/2016), CHRS4LFE (@CHRS4LFE) is in 1st place with a total score of 12,161. North America has some strong representation with five players in the global top 10 rankings. However, only 2 (or possibly 3) will be able to make it into the finals.

North America

(1) CHRS4LFE (@CHRS4LFE) – 12,161
(2) FUNGAH (@fungah_) – 12,151
(4) CHUNKA (@Happyowski)* – 12,123


(5) XX8192XX (@BROSONI) – 12,112
(7) GAHOU (@gahou) – 12,090


(3) FEFEMZ (@wldyd1423) – 12,135
(9) 5 1 3 (@prayer513) – 12,051

*Wild Card

See the Official Preliminary Rankings Page

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