Champions of the Coast 2018 Results Rankings DanceDanceRevolution iamchris4life Little Matt Ninevolt StepManiaX Little Matt Pacrob Spencer In The Groove 2 Little Matt Jeff Sledge iamchris4life Liam Pump It Up PRIME 2 HDS Little Matt Pacrob Kasey beatmania IIDX Alex Kim Pal Donovan pop’n music Liam Wanderingbeats Dennis Pal DrumMania Wanderingbeats Little Matt Pal Ian

Summer Fairytale Results Upper standings: IHYD4LFE, 21.5 points Cumberland Farmers, 17.5 points WILD CARD, 17 points !!, 16 points Good Simfiles Only, 11.5 points perfectly got married to Kyoko Igarashi, 11 points Saxura Mirage – Drum’n World, 9 points Highly Questionable, 6 points (EX tiebreaker: won) JARJO, 6 points Aegis Step Team,