The 9th KONAMI Arcade Championship Final Results

Livestreams 2/8 @ JAEPO 2020: DanceDanceRevolution A20, SOUND VOLTEX VIVID WAVE, beatmania IIDX 27 HEROIC VERSE 2/1 @ Ginza eSports studio: GITADORA NEX+AGE DrumMania, pop’n music peace, DANCERUSH STARDOM 2/2 @ Ginza eSports studio: GITADORA NEX+AGE GuitarFreaks, ノスタルジア Op.3, jubeat festo Winner Results DanceDanceRevolution A20 Finalists: o4ma. (East Japan), HIBIKI

The 8th KONAMI Arcade Championship Results The 8th KONAMI Arcade Championship was a two-day competition showcase that took place on January 26-27, 2019 at JAEPO 2019 at the Makuhari Messe in Tokyo, Japan. BEMANI titles included in the competition are DanceDanceRevolution A, beatmania IIDX 26 Rootage, pop’n music peace, DANCERUSH STARDOM, NOSTALGIA Op.2, Gitadora EXCHAIN GuitarFreaks

DanceDanceRevolution A x pop’n music peace Crossover Event

【DanceDanceRevolution20周年】 #popn20周年 をむかえたpop'n music peaceとのパーティが始まる!新曲『ANNIVERSARY ∴∵∴ ←↓↑→』等、情報もりだくさん! #DDR #DDR20th #popn — DDRチーム【公式】 (@DDR_573) November 15, 2018 KONAMI is celebrating both DDR and pop’n music’s 20th anniversary with a crossover event. Both DDR and pop’n music get a brand new song named ANNIVERSARY ∴∵∴ ←↓↑→ by BEMANI Sound Team “U1

Champions of the Coast 2018 Results Rankings DanceDanceRevolution iamchris4life Little Matt Ninevolt StepManiaX Little Matt Pacrob Spencer In The Groove 2 Little Matt Jeff Sledge iamchris4life Liam Pump It Up PRIME 2 HDS Little Matt Pacrob Kasey beatmania IIDX Alex Kim Pal Donovan pop’n music Liam Wanderingbeats Dennis Pal DrumMania Wanderingbeats Little Matt Pal Ian

The 7th KONAMI Arcade Championship Announced

On this morning’s BEnama livestream, KONAMI has announced the start of the 7th KAC. Qualifiers for all games begin tomorrow, 11/30. 本日11/29(水)20:00~ 「The 7th KONAMI Arcade Championship 特別番組」放送!!いよいよ開催目前!昨年の大会を振り返りつつ、今年の大会の見どころを紹介!! #7thKAC — KONAMI KACスタッフ (@konami_kac) November 29, 2017 Watch the full livestream VOD here (DDR section begins around 20:12): For DanceDanceRevolution, one

7th KONAMI Arcade Championship Announced

The 7th KONAMI Arcade Championship has been announced on the Wednesday BEMANI生放送(仮) stream (2017.10.18配信). Participating games are as follows: beatmania IIDX SINOBUZ (CANNONBALLERS?) DanceDanceRevolution A GITADORA Matixx jubeat clan pop’n music うさぎと猫と少年の夢 SOUND VOLTEX IV HEAVENLY HAVEN NOSTALGIA MAH-JONG FIGHT CLUB クイズマジックアカデミー THE WORLD EVOLVE Further details pending… アーケードゲームプレーヤーの頂点を決めるKONAMI公式大会「The 7th KONAMI

Champions of the Coast 2017 Results Overall Winners Little Matt Gabe Pal DanceDanceRevolution Singles iamchris4life Little Matt Don Liam DanceDanceRevolution Doubles Little Matt King of Light Pacrob In The Groove 2 Little Matt iamchris4life Jeff Sledge Spencer Pump It Up PRIME 2 Little Matt Justin Kasey beatmania IIDX copula Pal Gabe Liam pop’n music éclale