The 8th KONAMI Arcade Championship Registration Open

【掴め!平成最後の栄冠を。】The 8th KONAMI Arcade Championship(KAC)サイトにてエントリー開始しました!タイトルによって異なりますが、予選ラウンドは11/21(水)以降に開始となります!11/20(火)KAC特番で課題曲など詳細情報をお知らせしますので是非お見逃しなく! #KAC — KONAMI KACスタッフ (@konami_kac) November 15, 2018 Registration for the 8th KONAMI Arcade Championships are now open. The North America region is able to register and compete in the DDR A portion of the 8th KAC. Information and rules are available on

The 7th KONAMI Arcade Championship Announced

On this morning’s BEnama livestream, KONAMI has announced the start of the 7th KAC. Qualifiers for all games begin tomorrow, 11/30. 本日11/29(水)20:00~ 「The 7th KONAMI Arcade Championship 特別番組」放送!!いよいよ開催目前!昨年の大会を振り返りつつ、今年の大会の見どころを紹介!! #7thKAC — KONAMI KACスタッフ (@konami_kac) November 29, 2017 Watch the full livestream VOD here (DDR section begins around 20:12): For DanceDanceRevolution, one

East Coast Stamina 6 Qualifiers

Those in the In The Groove community are likely to know about the East Coast Stamina series. This tournament is a major test of four-panel dance game stamina at the highest level, and the qualifiers are now open. Click the banner below to learn more about East Coast Stamina 6

Rocky Mount 15 Results DanceDanceRevolution 2014 SQ|Daaanty Rubio SQ|Schlong$ DJSterf DDR 2014 Bracket & Expanded Results DDR EXTREME Random Caprice SQ|Daaanty DJSterf Rubio SQ|Andy457 DDR EXTREME Random Caprice Bracket & Expanded Results In The Groove 2 SQ|Schlong$ SQ|Skeeter Miquel Jboy In The Groove 2 Bracket & Expanded Results Pump It Up PRIME 2

DDR A Tournament @ Virginia Beach Results Check the Rules & Qualifiers Follow the Facebook Event Page: Follow the bracket: DanceDanceRevolution A Brendino Rubio Kebble Daaanty 5. Andy457 5. Dat Boi 7. Jasper! 7. otylero 9. Error 9. Jboy 9. Sinner 9. v4extreme 13. Cowtal 13. John Desire 13. Scotty 13. Shockwave 17. Andres 17. ashitoki